Student SIG

Welcome to the APTA Louisiana Student Special Interest Group!
"For the students by the students"

The APTA Louisiana SSIG was created through a collaborative effort of APTA Louisiana Student Class Representatives from PT & PTA schools around the state. Over 100 students from across the state signed the petition to form the group and the APTA Louisiana Board of Directors unanimously voted to officially establish the group at the Spring 2008 Meeting.

This groups serves its membership as a vessel for communication, a tool for creating professional relationships and a platform to promote and educate students across Louisiana on the interests affecting its members. The group strives to provide all the students in Louisiana with the most current information regarding student involvement at a State and National level.

There are many opportunities to get involved! If you are interested in joining a project committee or being a committee chair, please send an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page APTA Louisiana Student Special Interest Group for the latest information.

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Executive Board



McKenzie LeBlanc, SPT

3rd Year, LSUHSC- Shreveport
[email protected]
Student Conclave Contact & APTA Louisiana Meeting Coordinator

Patrick Watlington, SPT

Vice Chairman
3rd Year, LSUHSC- New Orleans
[email protected]
PT & PTA Program Liaison Director & SSIG BoD Position Contact

Christina Schaub, SPT

3rd Year, LSUHSC- New Orleans
[email protected]
Fundraising, PT Pub Night & Social Event Coordinator

Sarah Johnson, SPT

2nd Year, LSUHSC- Shreveport
[email protected]
Bylaws, Meeting Minutes & Membership Coordinator

Grant Matherne, SPT

Student Delegate
2nd Year, LSUHSC- Shreveport
[email protected]
House of Delegates Attendee, Local & National Advocacy Contact

Ashley Tubb, SPT

3rd Year, LSUHSC- Shreveport
[email protected]
Bayou Bulletin Columnist, Social Media & Advertising Coordinator

Brittany LaGrange, SPT

APTA Louisiana Student Core Ambassador
3rd Year, LSUHSC- Shreveport
[email protected]

APTA Key Contact/Liaison to APTA Louisiana SSIG Board of Directors

Board Liaisons

Position Name
Physical Therapy Schools
PT Student 1st Year - New Orleans
PT Student 2nd Year - New Orleans Bryce Hargis
PT Student 3rd Year - New Orleans Patrick Watlington
PT Student 1st Year - Shreveport  
PT Student 2nd Year - Shreveport Sarah Johnson
PT Student 3rd Year - Shreveport McKenzie LeBlanc
Physical Therapist Assistant Schools
PTA Student - Bossier Parish Community College  
PTA Student - Delgado Community College  
PTA Student - Louisiana College
PTA Student Member - Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University