Welcome to APTA Louisiana, the professional association of physical therapists (PT), physical therapist assistants (PTA), and PT and PTA students in Louisiana. APTA Louisiana is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). View the APTA website at www.apta.org.

Mission Statement

APTA Louisiana exists to optimize the health and quality of life of people in Louisiana by advancing the profession of physical therapy and serving through education, membership, payment, and advocacy.

Vision Statement

APTA Louisiana envisions a future where:

  • Members are recognized as the experts in the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of conditions that affect movement, function, and health.
  • Consumers have unrestricted access to our members.
  • Members are appropriately compensated for all of their services.

Strategic Objectives


APTA Louisiana will be the provider of resources for members to advance their clinical knowledge, practice management, and their overall professional growth.  

Goal Champion: Monique Serpas, Continuing Education Chair
  • Provide professionally developed courses that offer the members knowledge, skills and abilities to provide valued services to patients and clients based on outcomes and evidence during fall and spring meetings
  • Coordinate an organized informative message that will be delivered at district meetings
  • Make use of social media and technology to educate members on changing professional issues
  • Website will be updated on a regular basis and recognized as a valued resource to members


APTA Louisiana will promote members as autonomous providers by effectively engaging in the legislative process and participating in associated organizations.

Goal Champion: Cristina Faucheux, Governmental Affairs Chair
  • Pursue new avenues of revenue by legislative actions
  • Actively participate in WCAC, Insurance Commission, payment forums, and State health organizations to promote membership services
  • Effective political action team by building relationships with legislatures, strong key contact list, and building a strong PAC fund
  • Improve society's recognition and understanding of physical therapy and physical therapists as movement system experts
  • Leverage technology to advance physical therapists' role in enhancing movement


APTA Louisiana will aggressively pursue appropriate payment.

Goal Champion: Katie Brittain, Practice and Reimbursement Chair
  • Reform payment policy to reflect the essential role of physical therapy in movement, health and quality of life
  • Proactively pursue appropriate payment by participating in insurance commission meetings, communicating with payers, and coordinating with APTA on payment issues
  • Investigate changes to private insurance policies, worker's compensation, and CMS/Medicare system
  • Promote an effective line of communication with members about payment changes and strategies
  • Periodically survey membership regarding their perspective of appropriate payment


APTA Louisiana will promote and recognize the ownership of its members in the association through increased awareness of the value of membership.

Goal Champion: Caroline Denison, Membership Chair
  • Create greater market share of membership by providing value at state meetings, district meetings, through social media, and members only website sections
  • APTA Louisiana/APTA will be recognized as definitive resources of practice information
  • APTA Louisiana will host Student Conclaves during spring meeting that offers value to students